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Know More about Incomplete Transaction

What do the Octopus transaction refund statistics cover?

The Octopus transaction refund statistics cover the incomplete transaction situation and the refund status to-date by presenting a full picture on the incomplete transactions recorded and the amount refunded through any 7-Eleven store in Hong Kong, KMB and LWB, the Octopus Service Points at designated MTR stations, the "Octopus" App and Octopus PC Reader via the Internet.

Why does incomplete transaction occur?

Incomplete transaction may occur when an Octopus is removed too quickly from the Octopus reader or when more than one Octopus is simultaneously presented to the same reader.

If an Octopus and other contactless smart cards are placed together and presented to the reader simultaneously, the likelihood of incomplete transaction may increase. When this happens, the "dood" sound for signalling a completed transaction is not emitted, the remaining value is not shown on the screen, and the cashier may ask the customer to pay again by other means as the payment is regarded as unsuccessful though it has been deducted from the remaining value on the Octopus.

How to avoid incomplete transaction?

Under such circumstances, the customer should tap the Octopus on the same reader again until the "dood" sound is heard and the remaining value is shown on the screen. This will NOT cause double deduction. Should the reader continue to have no response, please check if the Octopus is placed together with another Octopus or contactless smart card.

To prevent incomplete transaction from occurring, customers are recommended to keep the Octopus and other contactless smart cards separately or simply take out the Octopus to tap for payment.

Do I have any pending refund?

You can check if you have any incomplete transaction pending refund through:

  1. Online enquiry for incomplete transaction refund
  2. Octopus Customer Service Hotline 2266 2222
  3. The Octopus Service Points

In addition, if you have any incomplete transaction pending refund, relevant message will be shown in:

  1. The "Octopus" App*
  2. Octopus PC Reader Service *

* Only applicable to Octopus with a 9-digit Octopus number (i.e. eight digits plus one last single digit in brackets, e.g. 87654321(3))

How to get the refund?

Octopus cardholder can collect refund at any Octopus Service Point, a mobile device installed with the "Octopus" App or an Octopus PC Reader. If there is incomplete transaction pending refund, the respective refund amount will be added back to the Octopus automatically. In addition, cardholder visiting any 7-Eleven store in Hong Kong or taking the KMB and LWB, can also receive automatic incomplete transaction refund on the Octopus, upon detection of such record while making usual add value or purchase transactions (regardless of value) or paying bus fares with Octopus.

Octopus Refund Statistics


Amount (HK$)


Incomplete transaction records as of 23 Jul 2017 16,882,789.6 1,154,761
Refunded as of
23 Jul 2017
13,904,584.4 945,241


Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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