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18 February 2014

Inaugural Collaboration among Octopus, Alipay and Taobao Marketplace
Sets New Milestone for Hong Kong's NFC Online Payment Service


(Hong Kong, 18 February 2014) Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) today announced its inaugural collaboration with Alipay and Taobao Marketplace in launching the "Octopus Online Payment Service" (OOP). This is the first ever mobile payment solution that allows contactless stored value smartcard users to make online payments using Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile devices, among the widely used contactless stored value smartcard payment systems in the world. This new service sets another milestone in Octopus' development of mobile payment service, by providing Hong Kong people, most of whom have an Octopus for wide applications in their daily lives, with even more convenient, secure and flexible online shopping experiences.

Starting from today, Octopus users can enjoy easy shopping on simply by downloading the latest version of the "Octopus" App to their NFC-enabled mobile devices and then completing a simple one-time registration of the Octopus that will be used for the OOP. Upon choosing their purchases on through their PCs or tablets (using web browser in desktop mode) and selecting Octopus as the payment means, users will see the respective QR code and payment code shown on the Octopus page. They can then open the "Octopus" App to scan the QR code or key in the payment code to retrieve their payment details. Users can then place their registered Octopus at the back of the mobile device to complete the payment.

The collaboration among OCL, Alipay and Taobao Marketplace is aimed at meeting the rapid global growth in online shopping and the widespread applications of NFC technology nowadays. It synergizes Octopus' extensive coverage and applications in Hong Kong; Alipay's secure, convenient payment technology and Taobao Marketplace's rising popularity among local customers. As a tailor-made, trend-setting online payment choice for Hong Kong consumers, the OOP is expected to further drive the development of Hong Kong's mobile payment market.

The OOP offers an easy, convenient, fast and secure online payment choice for customers, as they only need an NFC-enabled mobile device and an Octopus that has been registered on the "Octopus" App to enjoy the service. No other information is required and OCL will not collect or keep any purchase information during the payment process. Every time an online payment is made, the purchase amount will be deducted from the Octopus only when the user taps his/her registered Octopus on the NFC-enabled mobile device. And the transaction records can be instantly checked on the "Octopus" App, offering users great protection.

The OOP has a daily payment limit of HK$1,000 for each Octopus. Users can conveniently top up their Octopus any time at various Octopus Add Value Service points throughout Hong Kong, or use the Octopus "Automatic Add Value Service" provided by banks to flexibly ensure sufficient provisions on their Octopus for purchase of their desired products on The OOP only charges a 1.5% service fee of the total transaction amount (equivalent to Hong Kong dollars) on each purchase. The foreign exchange rate is offered by Alipay and no mark-up is made by Octopus.

Mr. Sunny Cheung, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Cards Limited, said the collaboration of OCL with Alipay and Taobao Marketplace signifies a very important step in the company's mobile payment service development. "As one of the pioneers of contactless smartcard payment systems, OCL is committed to leveraging innovative technologies to offer Hong Kong consumers diversified and widely used payment choices in their daily lives. We are very excited to have the opportunity of working with China's largest and well-loved payment and shopping platforms, Alipay and Taobao Marketplace, in offering the first NFC-enabled online payment solution using contactless smartcard. This will also further popularize the development of online payment with NFC mobile technology in Hong Kong," he added.

Mr. Liang Minjun, Deputy General Manager, International Business at Alipay, said, "Offering the best possible payment experience for users on Taobao Marketplace and has always been Alipay's first priority in Hong Kong. As Taobao Marketplace becomes increasingly localized, Alipay is also dedicated to exploring more diversified and relevant payment options to bring Hong Kong consumers a more integrated and smoother online shopping experience. This cooperation will leverage Octopus' position as one of the leading electronic payment systems and an exemplary model in the diversified smartcard technology application sphere and Alipay's experience in online payment. We believe this will create an even better user experience for our customers."

Ms. Daphne Lee, Director of International Business, Taobao Marketplace, said, "Shopping on Taobao Marketplace has become a major trend in Hong Kong. This cooperation to continuously optimize Hong Kong consumers' user experience on our platform and enabling them to pay instantly with their Octopus via the Alipay platform reflects the importance that Alibaba Group has placed on the local market. It is also important that both companies share the same commitment in delivering convenient and easy payment services to customers. With the debut of the OOP, local users can now enjoy another tailor-made and localized online payment option and continue to drive the e-shopping wave."

Photo Caption:

1. (From left to right) Mr. Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus Cards Limited, Mr. Liang Minjun, Deputy General Manager, International Business at Alipay and Ms. Daphne Lee, Director of International Business, Taobao Marketplace officiating the kick-off ceremony at the "Octopus Online Payment Service" Launch Ceremony.


2. Mr Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus Cards Limited (centre) and Mr. Liang Minjun, Deputy General Manager, International Business at Alipay (first left) and Ms. Daphne Lee, Director of International Business at Taobao Marketplace, at the launch ceremony of the "Octopus Online Payment Service"



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