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Where Can I Use It?

Where to use Octopus in Shenzhen and Macau


Galaxy Macau

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Fairwood Fast Food

  • Lowu Commercial City
  • Shenzhen Railway Station

Cafe de Coral

  • Baoan International Airport
  • Coastal city (Nanshan)
  • Fanghai Business Center (Luohu)
  • Fu Min Jie Yuen
  • Jian She Road, De Xiang Building
  • Overseas Chinese Town (Nanshan)
  • Overseas Chinese Town West (Nanshan)
  • Xi Fang Road (Dongmen)
  • Xinzhou Road, Futian District

Shenzhen Dutyfree Group

  • Huanggang Port Entry Concourse
  • Huanggang Port Departure Concourse
  • Luo Hu Port Entry Concourse
  • Luo Hu Port Departure Concourse
  • Shenzhen Bay Port Entry Concourse
  • Shenzhen Bay Port Departure Concourse
  • Futian Port Entry Concourse
  • Futian Port Departure Concourse
  • Shatoujiao Port Entry Concourse
  • Shatoujiao Port Departure Concourse

Things to note

Shenzhen Macau
Octopus Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) Applicable Not applicable
Cash reloading Not applicable Not applicable
Cash reloading for cross-border Octopus Not applicable Not applicable
Exchange rates¹
Exchange rates The exchange rate for Renminbi (RMB) transactions is set by the individual merchant² The exchange rate for Pataca transactions in Macau is 1 MOP to HK$1
Cross-border Octopus transactions Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) will be deducted Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) will be deducted
  1. Rates are clearly displayed on signage. Payment amounts in HK$ are rounded to the nearest decimal point after the conversion.
  2. Transaction amounts appear in both RMB and HK$ on payment receipts.


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Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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