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Sold “互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”)

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Sold 互通行 (Hu Tong Xing)

“互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”) electronic payment card is jointly presented by Octopus Cards Limited and Shenzhentong Co., Ltd. This card can be used at all designated transport and retail service providers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. By seamlessly linking the two places together, “互通行” makes everyday life easier.

On Sale from 11 September, 2012

Available at:

  • VanGO All stores     Click here for store-locator
  • Circle K All stores     Click here for store-locator
  • Octopus Online Shop

Terms & Conditions for Sold Adult “互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”):

  1. This card is distributed in Hong Kong, China by Octopus Cards Limited.
  2. This card carries payment function in respect of the Octopus HKD purse and the ShenZhenTong RMB purse.
  3. Customers may use this Octopus to apply for the Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and to register for the Octopus Rewards Programme. Please visit www.octopus.com.hk/aavs and www.octopusrewards.com.hk for details. Octopus Automatic  Add Value Service and Octopus Rewards Programme are applicable only to the HKD purse of this Cross Border Octopus.
  4. The Octopus HKD purse is subject to Conditions of Issue of Octopus, whereas the ShenZhenTong RMB purse is issued subject to conditions and laws.
  5. This card has no deposit and is an anonymous sold card, in relation to which loss reporting services are not applicable. Customers should safe keep this card. (Note: If the HKD e-purse of this Cross Border Octopus linked with Automatic Add Value Service, the loss reporting services is offered)  
  6. Any use of this card shall comply with the Conditions of Issue of Octopus, the conditions of ShenZhenTong and relevant laws.
  7. The Octopus and ShenZhenTong functions on this card are the same as those on an ordinary Adult Octopus and ShenZhenTong.
  8. This card has no initial stored value. Please add value before use.
  9. If the value on your Octopus purse is zero or negative, the Octopus purse cannot be used until it is reloaded.
  10. If the value on your ShenZhenTong purse is zero, the ShenZhenTong purse cannot be used until it is reloaded.

Tips for using Sold Adult “互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”):

  1. You may add value to the Octopus HKD purse at all Octopus authorized add value service providers with cash up to a maximum stored value of HK$1,000. You may also add value to the ShenZhenTong RMB purse at ShenZhenTong authorized add value service providers with cash up to a maximum stored value of RMB1,000 in Shengzhen, China.
  2. Place this card steadily over an Octopus or ShenZhenTong reader, hold and wait until there is an indication that the transaction is completed and the remaining value is shown on the screen before removing your card. If the transaction is incomplete because you removed your card too quickly from a reader, please present it over the reader again.
  3. Please record your Octopus and ShenZhenTong numbers for future reference. If the Octopus or ShenZhenTong number cannot be identified, Octopus Cards Limited or Shenzhentong Co., Ltd. may not be able to refund the remaining stored value on the card.
  4. Do not hold more than one “互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”) with another contactless smartcard, over a reader at one time.
  5. Do not tamper with your “互通行”(“Hu Tong Xing”), such as bend, write on, scratch, tap or cut it, or paste stickers, photos or accessories on it. In case of any of the above events, we shall not honour any transactions on the card, or refund any remaining value in it, if applicable.

Sold vs On-Loan Octopus

A Sold Octopus is a specially designed Octopus sold to you. It holds no deposit. Any remaining value on the Sold Octopus is refundable.

An On-loan Octopus is a card lent by Octopus Cards Limited to you. You are required to pay a refundable deposit that covers the card cost and possible negative value.


Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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