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Lost Octopus Reporting Service

If you lose your Octopus, please call the Lost Octopus Reporting Hotline on 2266 2266. Please note that our Lost Octopus Reporting Service applies only to Personalised Octopus and Octopus linked to Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS).

Claim balance refund

After successfully reporting your Personalised Octopus as lost, you may be entitled to a refund for your remaining balance. If so, a notification letter or a cheque will be sent to you within seven working days, depending on the refund amount.

For the first three hours after successfully reporting your lost Personalised Octopus, you only need to bear the liability for:

  1. Any unauthorised use of your Octopus.
  2. Any value that is auto-reloaded on to your Octopus. Please note: Auto reloads can only occur once per day.
Your starting balance:
Refund deposit: HK$50  +  Remaining card value (three hours after successful loss report)
Fees: HK$50*
Includes: Card cost + Lost Octopus handling fee
Amount refunded:
(Starting balance) - HK$50 (Fees)

*If you retrieve and return to any MTR Customer Service Centre the lost Personalised Octopus within three working days from the date of loss reporting, the fee of HK$30 will be waived. However, if the Octopus has been damaged or altered through delamination, bending, cutting, breaking, graffiti or the attachment of materials such as stickers, photos or crystals, the fee of $30 will apply.

Lost Octopus Reporting Hotline

2266 2266

After receiving your successful lost Octopus report, we will deactivate your Octopus and make refund arrangements for any remaining value. You will not be held liable for transactions or auto-reloads made three hours after the successful lost report. No other channels of lost Octopus reporting, including fax or
e-mail, are accepted.

The Octopus function on your Octopus cannot be re-activated once it has been disabled.

Lost Octopus Reporting Hotline User Guide

Not sure what kind of Octopus you've lost?

View our products. If you've lost a Bank Issued Octopus, please contact the card-issuing financial institution.


Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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