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"Octopus" App (The upgraded version of "OctoCheck")

The "Octopus" App version 3.0.0 is the upgraded version of "OctoCheck. It is an official application developed by Octopus Cards Limited and is a free application developed for NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled Android mobile devices. This application allows you to use the following services via the Internet on your Octopus:

  • Check Octopus' remaining value, the latest transaction records and other information1;
  • Make Octopus Online Payment at designated online merchants2;
  • Conduct Incomplete transaction refund enquiry and collection2

1 Other information includes Octopus auto-reload amount (applicable to subscribers of the Octopus Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS)), Octopus Reward$ balance (applicable to holders of Octopus Rewards Membership Octopus), enquiry date, time and last reload date either by AAVS or cash.

2 Octopus Online Payment Service and incomplete transaction refund collection are currently not applicable to the Octopus Mobile SIM installed on the same smartphone.

Please click here for the tested mobile device models.

To enquire about your Octopus information, make online payment or collect incomplete transaction refund, simply:

Register Your Octopus

  1. Turn on the NFC function and Internet connection of your mobile device.
  2. Open the "Octopus" App and register the Octopus you wish to enquire about or make online payment by pressing the "+" button on the top right corner.
  3. Follow the instruction to input the last five and the bracketed digits of your Octopus number. Select "Enquiry Only" or "Enquiry and Online Payment" service category.

Enquire about your Octopus information or collect incomplete transaction refund

  1. Place your Octopus at the back of the NFC mobile device.
  2. Hold your Octopus steadily until the enquiry results are shown.
  3. If you wish to check the transaction record of another registered Octopus, please press the 'back' button on your mobile, or await 30 seconds until the shown results fade out from the screen automatically.
  4. If you have any incomplete transaction pending refund, relevant message will be shown and the respective refund amount will be added back to the Octopus automatically.

Octopus Online Payment

  1. Select "Octopus" as the payment method on the online merchant's payment page.
  2. Open the "Octopus" App and select "Online Payment".
  3. Use the QR code scanner in the "Octopus" App, or enter Payment Code to retrieve your payment information.
  4. Place your Octopus at the back of your NFC mobile device until the payment receipt is shown.
  5. Upon successful payment on the mobile device, you can view your payment records on the "Octopus" App or on the merchant's payment page.


  • This application is applicable to Android 4.0 or above.
  • Each mobile device can register up to 20 Octopus via this application.
  • This application is only applicable to Octopus with 9-digit Octopus number (including eight digits plus one single digit inside the bracket).
  • Please place your mobile device on top of the Octopus and hold it steadily until the enquiry completes.
  • Please place only one Octopus at a time during the enquiry. Do not place two or more cards at the back of the mobile device simultaneously.
  • The design of the NFC antenna and transmission power of each mobile device varies. If your Octopus cannot be read properly, please try placing your Octopus about 1cm away from your phone.
  • The Octopus Online Payment Service will be ready 24 hours after one-time registration on your mobile devices.

Octopus Mobile SIM

You can also use this application to check the remaining value and the latest transaction records of your Octopus Mobile SIM. Please click here for the tested mobile device models that support Octopus Mobile SIM.

To enquire the Octopus Mobile SIM information, simply:

  1. Turn on the NFC function.
  2. Click "Tap to show details" on the Octopus Mobile SIM banner to obtain remaining value and the latest transaction records.

Alternatively, you can enjoy the convenience of checking the remaining value by one click on your "Octopus" App Home Screen widget. Please click here for details.

Get it on Google Play

You can also search and download from the Google Play!

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Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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