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About Us

Making everyday life easier

A pioneer in contactless smart card applications, Octopus is now an integral part of everyday life in Hong Kong.

Our corporate profile

Since our launch, we have evolved into one of the world's leading smart card payment systems. Learn about our history, the Octopus corporate structure, services in Hong Kong, development in China, international services, and our technology.

Our innovative edge

We strive to continuously innovate and delight our customers whenever they encounter Octopus. Our pursuit of innovation will continue to be the cornerstone of our business development, whether in products or applications.

Learn about our milestones and recognition

Over the years, Octopus has had a remarkable list of milestones and been honoured with an impressive list of awards. We have been widely recognised for our innovative application of technology in making everyday life easier.


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Did you know?

Octopus processes over 3 million transactions a day through the MTR system, saving time and money for commuters and the MTR Corporation.

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